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Concretizing to Warm People Up

The three parts of the interview and demo with Anna focus on concretizing for warm-ups . When we concretize thoughts, feelings and “act hungers” we literally make the invisible visible . We are able to take action with objects that represent changes we want to make within ourselves or in our relationships with others . […]


TSM Canon of Creativity

Written by: Cho-Kin Chan (M. Ed., PGDip., B.F.A.) , Theatre Practitioner, Certified Psychodramatist (BPA/UK, HKPA/HK), Drama Therapist (NADTA, US), TSM psychodrama trainee   The Wonderful TSM Wizard of Oz From Canon of Creativity of Classical psychodrama to TSM Clinical adaptation I’d like to tell you a story. The story was about a man (P) who arrived […]


Report From a TSM Clinician

Written by: Tan Hong Kheng, Singapore As TSM has become one of my main practice therapy models for my clinical work, case recording was a challenge. I thought of a way I can maintain a record that not only contains my work done in session, but is also a way for better tracking my client’s progress […]


A Normal Reaction to an Abnormal Situation: Notes from a Youth Worker in Bali

Written by: Mario Cossa, RDT/MT, TEP, TSM Certified Trainer During my time living in Bali, I have had the opportunity to connect with The Green School, an environmentally-conscious, alternative school for Primary- through High-School students that serves students from around the globe, as well as local children. I have done a few parent workshops, provided […]


Working online with a Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM) healing team.

Written by: Hogenboom, Q.M. (Ina), 2021 Changes in TSM team working online. Changes seem to occur in dealing with spontaneity, creativity, healing and recovery, action and movement, change, new ways of communicating, use of possible techniques, dealing with technical problems. Working online generally requires more creativity to meet the challenges of working online. Creativity is […]


TSM Men’s Group

Written by Joshua Lee The tele flowed across differences too.  It was great to hear the older men share their positive projections of the younger men, stating, “You remind me of all the energy I once had as a younger man.”  And it was delightful to hear the younger men say, “I appreciate the wisdom […]

From Observing-Ego to our True Self

Written by: Ashfique Rizwan, MPH, MSc; Business Manager, Therapeutic Spiral International (TSI) & Candidate, TSI International Certification using TSM Psychodrama Observing-Ego (OE) is one of the safety structures of Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM) where the participants are encouraged to pick an animal card, object/scarf to represent their OE and then reverse role with that OE […]


Managing in the Midst of The Current Outbreak with Spontaneity & Creativity.

Kate Hudgins, Ph.D., TEP, as a guest on Trauma Therapist | 2.0, Managing in The Midst of The Current Outbreak.  Kate continues from her previous episodes as we use the context of managing during the current pandemic as a backdrop for healing with experiential therapy, and specifically psychodrama. Experiential therapy, as you’ll learn in this […]