On-Line Certification Standards:

Note: Although the move to ZOOM training and personal growth workshops arose from the COVID pandemic, TSI intends to continue its on-line certification courses and trainings at all team levels beyond the pandemic. Those certified exclusively on-line at any level may only serve on teams at that level for on-line offerings.

• Certification at each level will still require demonstration of behavioral criteria as stated in the checklists and all previous provisions for certification still hold. It is only the methodology that is different.
• Candidates must participate in at least 18 hours of TSM personal growth work as a participant at each level of certification. At least 12 of those hours must be with the same group and trainer or team leader. Please note: Participation by certification candidates in TSM Personal Growth workshops and/or on-going groups are to provide experience as group members using the TSM modality. When candidates require additional therapeutic work, it is referred outside of TSM.
• As already stated in published standards: at AL level and higher, at least 2 trainers must have worked with the candidate and recommend certification. A waiver can be requested when 2-trainer evaluation is impractical and alternative arrangement can be made.

Live and Hybrid Certification Standards:

• Those who have been certified prior to COVID Pandemic, remain certified for both live and on-line work on teams.
• Once travel restrictions are lifted, those who desire certification for live-team participation must complete at least ½ of their training and practicum experiences live. The personal growth requirement must also be completed live. A waiver is available on a case-by-case basis for people in isolated regions, and with the support of their Primary Trainer
• Those certified only on line, at any level, who desire live certification as well must complete at least one practicum evaluation with a certified trainer or team leader, to receive live certification at that level.

Clarification of practicum requirements and payments:

• To serve on a team for any of the Core Courses or topic-specific personal growth workshops, the candidate must have taken the workshop as a participant (or had the requirement waived in recognition of prior training and experience.)
• There are no set number of practicums required for certification at each level but all required skills must have been met and documented.
• Practicums for participating in non-core courses or workshops must be approved by the primary trainer and the Clinical Director.
• Fees for participation on teams are as follows:
o The first time a trainee serves on a team, at each level of certification, they must pay ½ the fee for their country’s IAGP Band. They also pay, directly to the trainer or team leader, their established fee for completion of their detailed checklist and written evaluation if one is desired. The trainer should inform the candidate of the fee prior to the practicum.
o For subsequent workshops, until certification for that level, the trainee does not pay tuition, but pays the Trainer’s established fee directly to the Trainer or Team Leader and that fee includes the check-list/evaluation.
• Practicum candidates are required to participate in regular supervision with their Primary Trainer, on a schedule mutually negotiated. Fees for supervision are determined by, and paid directly to the Trainer,

Current, published Certification Standards are found on the TSI website:


Full practicum requirements and expectations are found at this link: