Vlada Zapesotsky, MA, PAT

Vlada ZapesotskyMy name is Vlada Zapesotsky. I am a certified Practitioner and Trainer in Psychodrama, certified TAE and AL in TSI. I started to learn and practice psychodrama in Israel and always felt that there was a piece that is missing for me in a classical structure. I love the core of psychodrama that is based on spontaneity and creativity and I love directing psychodrama. And there were times when I didn’t feel safe enough as a director because I could see the power and intensity of this wonderful tool and was wondering whether I can use this method in a more contained, slow and safe way, especially when I work with trauma survivors. When I first met Dr Kate and heard about TSM, I felt that I finally got my missing piece. After the first TSM workshop, I decided to join the TSI studies and become a member of TSM global community. I’ve learned so much in the past 2 years, about trauma neuroscience, brain, defenses, safety structures, and so many other TSM tools.

I’ve done my own personal trauma work on a much deeper level than before and experienced so many co-creations with Kate and different members of the Action Healing Team. And, finally, I’ve developed my own creation that is based on the clinical TSM map, my healing action structure “The Way Home-to your TrueSelf”. Through my own journey and with the impact of TSM, I discovered the safe container of the True Inner Home (TSM circle of safety) and creative prescriptive roles that guide and support you on the Way Home. I am very grateful to my wonderful psychodrama mother Kate and know that we have many years of co-creation and deep connection ahead of us.

With love and gratitude,
Vlada Zapesotsky