TSI Certification Process

Requirements for TSI International Trainer Certification in Experiential Trauma Therapy Using the Therapeutic Spiral Model

To complete this level of certification, students must first complete all requirements for the Levels I and II Certifications as described above. Each trainee co-creates their Individualized Training Plan for completion of their Trainer Practicum with supervision from the Clinical Director and Director of Training. On-going, monthly supervision with the assigned Primary Trainer/Supervisor, and yearly Training Plan Review are also required at this level.

The practicum for Trainer Certification is a 2-step process:

  1. They must first co-teach each of the Core Coursesand a personal growth workshop with a Certified TSM Trainer.
  2. Then they must teach each of the courses solo with on-site or video supervision.

Once requirements are met for each course, they may then serve as a trainer for that course, but do not become a fully certified TSM Level I trainer until all Level I courses are completed.

Workshop fees at this level of training are as follows:

  • When co-teaching a course, they are required to pay $200 for on-site supervision and checklist.
  • Supervision for solo teaching is at the assigned supervisor’s established rate and is payable directly to the supervisor.

In addition to meeting the practicum requirements, candidates for Trainer Certification must also, during the time they are working on this certification, have served as Presenter or Co-Presenter of a TSM-themed workshop at a national or international conference.

For a full description of TSM roles and skills necessary for accreditation as a Trainer, please click on the following pages:

To be certified as a Trainer for Level II Courses a candidate must:

  • Have taken all the Level II Courses as a participant and been certified at this level;
  • Co-Train with a Certified Level II Trainer in an apprentice-trainer capacity;
  • Complete a second co-training experience with a Certified Trainer as a full Co-Trainer; and
  • Have served as a Solo Trainer (with supervision) for a Level II cohort for all 3 courses.