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You Can’t Say That

By Anath Garber, PhD, TEP

Anath Garber is a friend and colleague whose expertise in psychotherapy and particularly the technique of psychodrama is very intriguing to me because I believe live theater can be religion and therapy and therapy as drama and healing may be the best invention since the wheel …

Listen to Part 1 Here

Listen to Part 2 Here

Spontaneity, Creativity & Working with Internal Roles

Dr. Kate Hudgins new interview titled “Spontaneity, Creativity & Working with Internal Roles” aired on the Trauma Therapist 2.0 podcast with Guy Macphereson.


The Trauma Therapeutic Spiral Model on the The Trauma Therapeutic Spiral Model

Check out my new interview “The Trauma Therapeutic Spiral Model” with Guy Macpherson on the Trauma Therapist Podcast. Watch Here!



The Trauma Therapist Podcast

Dr. Kate Hudgins shares about how “Courage Is The Fear That Has Said Its Prayers”,  the start of TSM and teaches some Master Classes on Guy McPherson’s great program “The Trauma Therapist”. https://lnkd.in/eiawMrE

Wake-Up Call: How Charlottesville Heals After August 12th


Sunday Morning Wake-up Call, host Sean McCord looks at how our community is healing one month after the events of August 12th. Our guests include Rebecca Kendall of the Community Mental Health Wellness Coalitionand Dr. Kate Hudgins who, along with her Community Action Healing Team, has created the Recover Charlottesville action.