Mario Cossa, RDT/MT, TEP, CAWT

I am proud to be listed among this group of outstanding healers and trainers. I have started calling myself a TSM Psychodramatist, because everything I do with psychodrama is informed by the clinical awareness I gained while becoming a Trainer for TSI and with the many years of utilizing TSM in my work.

I believe passionately in the ability of the creative and performing arts in general and expressive therapies specifically to heal, to expand consciousness, and to transform lives. I have worked with teens and those who serve them around the globe. Work with adolescents holds a primary focus for me. My latest endeavor, Motivational Arts Unlimited, is currently bringing action methods to youth and youth leaders in Indonesia and other regions of Asia. I am currently collaborating on a project to bring action methods for values education to junior and senior high school students across Bali.

Reach me and follow my work by your favorite electronic means:

Motivational Arts Unlimited

Bi-Lingual (English/Indonesian) Videos of Some of TSM Trainer, Mario Cossa’s, work in Bali

Summary of Motivational Arts Session at Campuhan College introducing The Circle of Values

Training video: Intro to Sociometric Techniques

Training Video: Conduction the Social/Cultural Atom

Training video: Working with the Social/Cultural Atom

Training Video: The circle of Values from Adolescent Perspective