Linda Ciotola, M.ED., TEP

Being a TSI trainer has afforded me  many opportunities to expand my work in creative and meaningful ways. I especially enjoy teaching the Neurobiology and Body Double Workshop for Healing Trauma. Putting the brain into action and having trainees experience how various parts of the brain operate when in or out of the “the window of tolerance” and embodying the role of the vagus nerve as it applies to connection with others, bring the power point to life. Concretizing the strength roles, trauma based roles, and transformative roles on the Soul Maps, incorporating music, and of course, directing and teamwork all make this workshop particularly rewarding.

I have a special fondness for the Body Double and its ability to prevent dissociation and was thrilled to work on its development with Kamala Burden, bringing my experience with yoga and the power of breath to the role. I enjoy writing and was delighted to bring the Body Double, the Body Dialogue, and the Trauma Triangle alive in a book co-authored with Karen Carnabucci on applying these and other action interventions to eating disorders. Expressing a  personal and  deeply meaningful  experience I had in the BD role through poetry, “The Sleeping-Awakening Child”, was another way of combining my appreciation of the power of TSM with my love of writing

Psychotherapist Nancy Alexander and I used the Action Healing Team format in private dramas and saw over several years its healing power for trauma survivors. More recently, we collaborated to create a CE-approved online educational program, ACTS,  as an orientation to psychodrama, trauma, and TSM. We want to spread the word and show other professionals the possibilities for healing trauma!  

Linda Ciotola, M.Ed., CETIII, TEP, TSI Trainer

American Council on Exercise Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness and Yoga Instructor; Certified MindBody Specialist; Usui Reiki Master Teacher, author. Presents widely at regional, national and international conferences. Workshops, training, consultations, and supervision    |    ACTS