Concretizing to Warm People Up

The three parts of the interview and demo with Anna focus on concretizing for warm-ups . When we concretize thoughts, feelings and “act hungers” we literally make the invisible visible . We are able to take action with objects that represent changes we want to make within ourselves or in our relationships with others . This technique grew out of Moreno’s Theory of Spontaneity and Creativity (see video 1) which is the basis of both classical and TSM psychodrama. TSM is particularly effective in helping trauma survivors to access those qualities- which have been suppressed because of the “rhythmic rupture” caused by trauma .
For example , you will learn in the second segment that a client was able to spontaneously role reverse with a puppet that resembled ( played the role of ) her actual pet (see video 2). This allowed her to access her spontaneity and creativity while bypassing the defenses that had previously kept her from revealing the truth of her story .
Because TSM views Moreno’s Role Theory thru a clinical lens there is always the installation of strengths before moving into the trauma material . These strengths can be concretized thru use of props as we see in the videos – and with scarves in particular at TSM workshops where a “circle of strengths ” is created as you hear described in the third video (see video 3).
Also in the third video is the use of props to concretize the “triune brain ” and introduces the TSM “Observing Ego” role which provides the element of mindfulness ( to observe thoughts , feelings and “act hungers” with accuracy and without judgment and with compassion ).This is another crucial role in terms of keeping the client/protagonist in “the Window of Tolerance” .
There are many similarities and differences between classical and TSM psychodrama in both theory and practice and Dr Kate and I will be presenting two-part workshops on this topic , offered on zoom Jan 11 and 25 and again on the first four Mondays in May.
In addition, an entire series of Educational Action Explorations programs hosted by Anna will be offered throughout the year with Dr Kate, Mario Cossa, myself and other TSM trainers .
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