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Building Resilience in Youth with Therapeutic Spiral Model™ (TSM) Psychodrama

By Mario Cossa, RDT/MT, TEP Norman Garmezy, Ph.D., a Developmental Psychologist from the University of Minnesota, is generally credited with the seminal research on resilience and attempts to define what are now called protective factors—those aspects and experiences in a person’s life that equip them with the ability to rise above adversity (Konnikova, 2016). Unfortunately, […]

Circle of Values

By Mario Cossa, RDT/MT, TEP This article provides an overview of the first two years of a project using action methods in an educational setting in Indonesia. It was conducted at Campuhan College, in the village of Ubud on the Island of Bali. Campuhan College is a post-high-school program for Balinese youth that teaches English […]

Posttraumatic Growth

There can be positive change after adversity. By Adena Bank Lees, LCSW For those who have experienced trauma, it is common to feel like life will never be the same again. As evidenced by a growing body of research, though, humans have the ability to not only “bounce back” from trauma, but to yield a […]

Upcoming Training Series

Hello All you Lovely Psychodramatists. Dr. Kate has asked me to write a blurb about the TSM training I have been offering in Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA over the past three years.  It started off as something organic and has evolved into four modules, each one containing 8 sessions. It is a closed group of trainees […]


Traveling as Spontaneity Training: If you want to become a Psychodramatist, Travel the world!

By Scott Giacomucci, MSS, LSW, CTTS, CET III Abstract The experience of traveling has the power to provide us with rich experiential learning experiences and a deeper understanding of psychodrama theory. I offer this article as an personal discourse highlighting how traveling has offered me significant contributions in my evolution as a psychotherapist and pshychodramatist. […]


The Sociodrama of Life or Death: Young Adults and Addiction Treatment

By Scott Giacomucci, MSS, LSW, CTTS, CET III   The continued opiate epidemic has severely impacted young people as drug overdoses have reached unprecedented levels. Young people, more than ever, have been seeking addiction treatment with mostly unfavorable outcomes. Adjusting our treatment approaches to the specific needs of young adults is necessary. Many treatment programs […]


Being in two places at once: renegotiating traumatic experience through the surplus reality of psychodrama

By Scott Giacomucci & Amy Stone   Abstract This article continues the dialogue started by Skolnik 2018 about the synergistic union of social work and psychodrama group approaches. The theoretical and clinical alignment of psychodrama and sociometry with social work with groups will be described. A practice illustration from Mirmont Treatment Center will be presented and […]


Experiential Addiction Treatment: Creating Positive Connection through Sociometry and Therapeutic Spiral Model Safety Structures

By Scott Giacomucci, MSS, LCSW, CTTS, CET III, TSI AL Many argue that addiction is preceded by a sense of psychosocial dislocation, experiences of relational trauma, attachment ruptures, or neglect. The lived experience of drug addiction is incredibly isolat- ing and likely to disrupt relationships with one’s closest attachmentgures. Most agree that one’s social experiences-relationships, […]