The Containing Double as Part of the Therapeutic Spiral Model for Treating Trauma Survivors

Positive Psychology: History in the the Remaking? By Dana Becker

From Abstract: Positive psychology has figured itself as no less than a revolutionary reorientation of psychology, one that makes individual ‘flourishing’ the primary object of study and intervention. There are clear comparisons to be made between this movement and earlier ones that have embraced both individualism and an ethos of adjustment, such as the popular mind cures of the late 19th century and the influential mental hygiene movement of the early 20th century. We argue for a focus beyond the individual in isolation, a perspective that takes in the totality of the social environment and an ethical stance that values social engagement and activism.


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International Group Psychotherapies And Psychodrama E- Journal”

Dear Psychodramatists and Group Psychotherapists

The 4th Volume of the “International Group Psychotherapies And Psychodrama E- Journal” is now available in our web page. The links:



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Transforming the TSM Trauma Triangle:

From Roles of Post-Traumatic Stress to Roles of Post-Traumatic Growth

Scott Giacomucci, MSS, LCSW, CTTS, CET III, TSI AL – TSM East Coast Organizer

TSM’s trauma triangle offers a unique conceptualization of the internalization of trauma in the simplicity of role theory. This contribution to trauma theory was introduced over two decades ago as an adaption of Karpman’s interpersonal triangle which many clinicians in additions treatment or family therapy are familiar with.

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Make a good end to a year of shock,  tumult and change

By Karen Carnabucci, LCSW, TEP

Here we are, looking at the end of 2017. It has been a tumultuous year for many people — personally, politically and socially. Depending on where we live and who we are, the happenings of 2017 may still be stirring within our minds, bodies, hearts and spirits.


Clinica Contemporánea

Experiential Treatment for PTSD. The therapeutic Spiral Model. M. Katherine Hudgins. Springer Publishing Company. 2002
Book Review: Experiential Treatment for PTSD. The therapeutic Spiral Model.

Herranz Castillo, Teodoro

Director Escuela Psicoterapia y Psicodrama, España

Wake-Up Call: How Charlottesville Heals After August 12th


Sunday Morning Wake-up Call, host Sean McCord looks at how our community is healing one month after the events of August 12th. Our guests include Rebecca Kendall of the Community Mental Health Wellness Coalitionand Dr. Kate Hudgins who, along with her Community Action Healing Team, has created the Recover Charlottesville action.