September 24, 2021 – September 26, 2021 all-day
Mario Cossa

Drago-Drama: Archetypal Psychodrama

This experiential workshop utilizes a type of live-action role playing to identify and explore obstacles to life goals. The action of Drago-Drama is a quest to reclaim the Jewel of Great Worth from the Dragon who hordes/ protects it in its lair. Seekers, on their way to the Dragon, may encounter other denizens of the Dragon’s Realm, such as the Sirens of Self Doubt, the Ogres of Oblivion, the Duchess of Depression, and the Mage of Malice. This workshop uses archetypal psychodrama to explore life issues through the metaphor of Encountering the Dragon. It has been offered in various forms around the world. It has been used with seekers of all ages but the focus of this presentation will be on its use with youth.In this workshop, participants move in and out of three roles: Seeker, Denizen, or Witness. The Seeker is the individual/group on the quest. Denizens include all the characters encountered in the Dragon’s domain. The Witness observes actively but from outside the action. We follow a format of: group building, warm-up and character-building, action, and sharing.

Participants will be able to:

  • describe the process for exploring personal Dragons through, movement, and drama;
  • outline the steps for an archetypal quest into the Dragon’s dimension; and,
  • describe their own experience of exploring life issues through the safety of metaphor.


Mario Cossa, MA, RDT/MT, TEP is a psychodrama Trainer/Educator/Practitioner (American Board of Examiners), Drama Therapist/Master Teacher (North American Drama Therapy Association), and Theatre Educator who specializes in work with adolescent groups and trauma survivors. He is Director of Training for Therapeutic Spiral International. Drago-Drama has been presented at numerous conferences and as personal- growth experiences around the world.


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