Lindsay Huei-Mei Chang  MBA/MA/PAT

Lindsay is a certified CP/TEP of Taiwan Association of Psychodrama, counseling psychologist/founder of Jiahui Counseling Foundation in Taiwan. She is also a certified trainer/coordinator of The International Focusing Institute.

Lindsay’s training feature is focused on the application of psychodrama including the  professional, organizational and community settings. Combining the theory and the experience on her practices, she has developed some structure models about the action methods in leading different kinds of groups. Lindsay finds TSM model creative and practical either in trauma healing or in business application. She likes to use TSM way of team building in her organization and values highly the TSM spirit of warm-up, check-in, check-out, warm-down during the process of leading groups. The quality of self-in-presence and self-awareness in leading the groups is truly essential.

Find her thesis here.