Linda Ciotola

I was more than half way thru my journey towards CP in classical psychodrama when a colleague told me about an upcoming workshop on The Therapeutic Spiral Model and the Containing Double . There I experienced  the power of the CD and the  model and decided to pursue TSM training concurrently with finishing my CP training. Along the way I met several fellow trainees who became valued friends and colleagues and learned how the model  provides safety for trauma survivors.

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Ben Rivers, 2016.

The following protocol offers a safe and effective approach for processing trauma and restoring a sense of aliveness and wellbeing to survivors. 

It is essential to note however, that therapeutic benefit can only occur if the Protagonist is enabled to progress through each stage of the model while remaining within their window of tolerance.  In other words, ‘too much, too soon, too fast’ can result in harm and potential retraumatization.  Read more