Scott Giacomucci, MSS, LCSW, CTTS, CET III, CP, PAT

I was introduced to classical psychodrama in 2007 and immediately experienced its “catching force”, but had concerns regarding its emotional safety. I met Kate Hudgins at the Philadelphia ASGPP conference where I was introduced to the Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM). Since that day, I have devoted myself to learning and later teaching TSM. I am thoroughly impressed with its clinical sophistication and have found no other experiential treatment model that compares. Integrated with TSM’s advanced clinical theory is deeply personal humanistic practice, a profound spiritual/shamanic element, and a rootedness in neuroscience and research. Furthermore, TSM’s international praxis provided me with unique opportunities to train in China and Canada – and plans to join Dr. Hudgins in Europe the summer of 2018.

As a trauma treatment specialist (CTTS), EMDR consultant in training (CIT), experiential therapy trainer (CET III), board certified psychodramatist (CP), and practitioner applicant for trainer (PAT) – TSM and its clinical map influence all of my work with clients and all of my training structures. As a certified TSI TAE & AL, I have been organizing TSI’s East Coast Training Group in Pennsylvania since mid-2016 where we expect to finish our first round of TSM training modules this summer.

I utilize TSM at my private practice facilitating a client therapy group and a training group. As well as at Mirmont Treatment Center’s inpatient addiction unit, where I introduced TSM psychodrama in 2015. Since then, Mirmont’s clinical program has evolved with TSM psychodrama as a primary treatment approach. Currently, I am contracted at Mirmont to provide trauma treatment services and clinical skills training as we continue to expand our services.

I have recently stepped into the writer role with multiple new or submitted publications – including an expansion of the theoretical underpinnings of TSM’s clinical map (see the ‘Transformative Triangle’ articles TSI’s newsletter or in the upcoming 2018 edition of the ASGPP journal). While pursuing my doctoral degree at the University of Pennsylvania, I am orienting my dissertation to develop a graduate level curriculum teaching sociometry, psychodrama, and TSM.

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