Joshua S. Lee, MSW, TSI Trainer

Joshua S. Lee, MSW, is a certified Psychodramatist and certified Team Coach, working in the areas of team building, communication and restorative practices using action-learning tools to enhance the learning experience.  He is an innovator.  One of his creations is an experiential coaching model called The Game Plan where he coaches people to embody their strengths and resources to overcome life’s opponents.  He is also a nationally and internationally recognized conference presenter and expert in sociodrama.

Currently, he trains therapists, community-based practitioners, such as, coaches, community empowerment and racial/social justice practitioners, through a trauma-responsive lens, by way of the Therapeutic Spiral Model’s international experiential trauma certification.

Personally, he is the father of 5 lovely adult daughters – all their names begin with a ‘J’ and all of them are blazing paths in their own rights.  Even the next generation of children – the grands – all have ‘J’ names.

And finally, he is clear that he’s walking in his God-given purpose, which is, HELPING HUMANITY WIN!



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