TSM Psychodrama and Cultural Identity

September 18, 2020 – September 20, 2020 all-day
Zagreb, Croatia
TSM Psychodrama and Cultural Identity @ Zagreb, Croatia

Facilitated by Mario Cossa, RDT/MT, TEP and an Action Trauma Team

For many, the term “Cultural Identity” is equated with ethnicity and ancestry alone, when in fact our Cultural Identity is influenced by all the various and sundry elements of our personal history. Whether you were an only child or one of many; whether you are part of a parenting pair, a single parent or step parent; your educational background; your experience as a target of racism and/or marginalization; your age; your gender; your sexual orientation; whether you identify in binary terms; etc. all contribute to the identity that makes you uniquely you, with commonalities and differences from other with whom you interact.

This personal growth workshop uses the Therapeutic Spiral Model™ to explore the ways in which our cultural identities can provide both blessings and baggage that support or hinder our life journeys.  By using the methodology of TSM Psychodrama, we can embrace the strengths and abilities that are part of our heritage and release old messages that hold us back. Join in the co-creation of a confidential and safe container for this vital exploration. Learn how to have a more positive relationship with yourself and others.

For more info. and registration, please contact Vedran Korusic: vedran.korusic@gmail.com

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