Containment, the Key to Safety with Action Methods @ Zagreb, Croatia
Mar 20 – Mar 22 all-day
Containment, the Key to Safety with Action Methods @ Zagreb, Croatia
Our brains are hardwired to Fight, Flight or Freeze from danger. Unfortunately, long after many traumatic experiences happened, the survivor continues to use those survival defenses, forming rigid patterns that shut down or overwhelm the system with unexpressed emotion. This is especially true of grief. For many survivors, it would have been dangerous to cry out while neglect, violence or abuse was happening, while many associate grief with being a victim. So, deep pain and grief from abuse is often hidden or repressed for years, becoming the proverbial ‘elephant-in-the-room.’
However, tsm has a special Prescriptive Role, the Containing Double (cd),
that helps clients work through dissociation and other defenses to access
these intense feelings of grief and mourning—safely and without retraumatization.
The cd was one of the first roles to be developed by tsm. Its efficacy has
 been researched and it is used throughout the world, across cultures and
languages. In this workshop, participants will learn and practice the Containing Double in triads, participate in full TSM Psychodramas, and learn TSM’s Action Safety Structures that enhance group cohesion and provide the overarching container for deep work.

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